“Good Vibes Only”

I was born and raised surrounded by the wonderful mountains of the Austrian Alps. My Photography career started in my childhood with my dad’s old roll film camera and it made me travel the world, meet new people and create beautiful images.

Over the years behind the camera, doing what I love most, I found out that every human being has a special vibe and the more I can sense it, the better I can lead this person to the perfect picture.

I work with the best possible Crew on the market and more important, the most positive, creative and funny Guys I can find. And it’s the same with my clients. Knowing that we are only perfect for each other, if we share the same enthusiasm and have an equal amount of appreciation for each other, we are the perfect companions for a creative unit.

I now live in Austria and Los Angeles, work in the field of People, Fashion and Advertising Photography and still love my vocation of looking just a bit deeper into the eyes of the person in front of my camera.

I’m very happy and excited about my wonderful and creative being. 

Lets have some fun together, love and create.

Christian Holzknecht

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